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It's the time to tell our story.  How did our business idea come about?  When was our business formed? How has it evolved over time?  As our business is a member of few european associations/entities, this is a good place to mention it.  We share here with you few photos/links of the business and in action from us.

The history of the Living Labs in Europe has been started at 2006 and the set-up of Living Lab Malta in 2008..Let's follow the birth, development and future of LLs by the videos and press, where we made personal intervenrions:

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1. LL general (Quicktime viewer )
2.  LL  general
3.Hungary LLs
4. Switzerland LL
Real Player v.10 (11 Mbyte) Cyber Care Living Lab, Switzerland. | (English)
from (mediacenter) and                                                                                                  5. The Living Lab at the center of territorial innovation in Open Days, organised by Committee of the Regions  October 7. 2009).                            6. The creation and edition of the "European Knowledge and Innovation Communities" web-site at September/October 2009:                                                                                                                     7. Press: "International conference on ICT, clusters and networks " organised by MIMCOL and TR Associates Ltd.                                                                                                                             Posted on 20th of February.2009.                                                                                    "The EU’s Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) Malta National Contact Point, and the Enterprise Europe Network have organized on Wednesday 18th February an international conference entitled ‘ICT, clustering and other networking frameworks: Exploiting their potential to boost competitiveness, innovation and sustainable growth’.                            The event provided a local forum for debate and best practices sharing between the local private sector, the local public sector and key international ICT companies, amongst others Nokia and Cisco. The event also introduced the European Network of Living Labs to the local scene, including two recently certified Maltese Living Labs: EuroMedITI and the Living Lab Malta."                                                                                                                            More:  and  and


TR Associates as LIVERUR Partner wrote an article to the Blog of the project. 

TR Associates aims to generate new methodologies and technologies to approach rural and peri-urban territories weakness and strengths in Malta by a “model of social farming” and follow the entire short food supply chain for the sustainable eco-production. The main ingredients of functional food (spices and medical herbs) will be produced in a land of Birkirkara which combine an used water recycling, rain water harvesting and already installed (but need to renovate) irrigation system. Circular Rural Living Lab Malta will be setting up in St Julians supporting all aspects of the open innovation based business ecosystem. The involvement of each key stakeholders (religious and social care organisations, farmers, nutritionists, customers, logistic companies, wholesalers, reform food shops, innovative AgroTech SMEs, startups etc.) is crucial to take a part in the new rural circular economy platform.

Link to the Blog: 


TR Associates won one of the best Feasibility Studies prize under DESIGNSCAPES.   The Building Capacity for Design enabled Innovation in Urban Environments (Designscapes) is an H2020 #SmartCities project. #DESIGNSCAPESEU.

The concept of TRA : Living Lab On Demand can be read on the project website and on Twitter and Facebook and/or 

It’s time to celebrate Living Lab On Demand —  We thanks for the congratulations on being funded by the Designscapes Open Call for Feasibility Studies!