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 TR Associates is an Innovation minded company, established in Malta in August of  2008. The main mission is bringing open innovation to the marketplace in the different areas of the applications (urban and rural  development , ageing society, education, Intelligent transport, e-Business, green technologies), based on the large partnership of the local stakeholders, incorporated academia , government , associations and industry. Its mission also is to explore and achieve policy and business goals related to research and innovation, to generate new projects (small and large scale) under the framework of the different European and national programmes, calls and tenders.

Continuously enhancing its innovation capabilities in the fields of solutions, products and services, TR-Associates is at the state of the art in Research & Development and consultancy services on the process of Open Innovation.

Integration and Innovation are the foundation of our activity.

TR-Associates 's mission is to continuously reinforce its position as the leading global  Living Lab expertise . Through our global Team of Associates, we are committed to lead the research and development to provide sustainable development contributing products, services and experimentation processes that exceed our customers' needs and economical requirements.

Expertise areas:

1. User centered innovation, business modelling, innovation in public and private services, sets up, coordinates, facilitates and carries out Living Lab research and innovation processes through Living Lab Malta and in the Mediterranean region.

2. Writing, evaluating and reviewing the European RTD + Innovation projects since 2002 under the EU community programs, like FP6/FP7, CIP, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates-Minerva, SEE, ERDF etc.

3. Living Lab operation, methodology:

The essential feature of a Living Lab (LL) is the consideration of users feedback and experience as an integral part of the testbed itself. European research has known the operational value of LLs methodology in three main areas so far:

Bringing laboratory based technology testbeds into real-life, user focused validation environments;
Developing mobility services for citizens in a real-world early adopter community with existing and close to market technologies;
Studying the collaborative working environments of the future from a pan-European perspective.
In all cases, the main focus has been on a user centred, context sensitive, multi-site and multi-stakeholder co-design or co-creation process, supported by mutual trust and implying the joint consideration of policy, market, societal and technological aspect with equal weight, as shown in the following picture:

Figure 1. Human centric approach

InnoSurvey Basic Report 2017 - TR Associates Ltd

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TR Associates Ltd is "flexible cauldron, spiral staircase and fertile field style firm,flexible type of Innovation" by InnoSurvey 2017 Report.

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 Its not the that changes the world, but the dream/vison behind the tech that will drive the world




 WHAT WE ARE DOING : Exploration and Execution with early stage user involvement= OPEN INNOVATION!



 All has started from an IDEA: Forecasted Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 - 2050