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Reply PashkevichPa
9:05 AM on February 5, 2018 
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Reply XMikoDikoX
2:00 AM on December 23, 2017 
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Reply Wolfgang Patzner
5:54 PM on November 16, 2017 
Dear Mrs. Kallai, you are a successful EU consultant, with many laurels. For that I congratulate you. I wish you continued success. Best regards Wolfgang Patzner
Reply teisnals
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Reply Sabrielvat
4:59 PM on September 13, 2017 
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Reply CurtisPsymn
10:30 AM on July 30, 2017 
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Reply SamuelErelp
8:03 AM on July 27, 2017 
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Reply VaRiZXRqZ
10:14 AM on July 4, 2017 
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Reply DanielHunda
2:38 PM on April 29, 2017 
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Reply Smithb796
6:08 PM on April 13, 2017 
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An IMPORTANT request to the beneficiaries of any ISM Schemes in Hungary!

Survey on Intersectorial Mobility - closes on 24 October 2017

Please fill up this Survey!

Input to the study from beneficiaries and administrators of mobility schemes and other stakeholders is essential. Please use the links below to take part in the relevant survey.

Industry and private sector research institutions: 

Higher education institutions, research and technology organisations and research institutes: 

Individual researchers who have participated in an intersectoral mobility programme: 

More: http://


On 2017-09-16 an InnoSurvey™ - Basic report made from TR Associates Ltd.

The full report can be read on 



The digital smart city: the new layer for entrepreneurs & informal scientists 

NEW ! NEW! NEW!  Learn Online, ask the Date, Curricula and Payment procedure via Email or Twitter or Contact form!

ONLINE Courses started by the mass market demand on DIGITAL Entrepreneurship under the framework of Informal Science Learning for learners (at any ages) in Smart Cities .The curricula and Terms & Conditions of the online participation and fees (individiually or by team) can be requested by sending email, Twitter or simple information request from the website Contact form. We will reply to you within few hours.!

Our staff have certification as European StartUp Advisers, from University of Wolverhampton, UK.


VET4Startup MOOC online eLearning course available for anyone as the key Intellectual Output 1 of Erasmus + project.

Registration: Youtube: http:/

The project has finished at 31th of December 2016.

Partnership Agreement has been signed with Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers (ATCTex), Tunisia to organise the 7th Edition of the International Conference of CIRAT and  the 1st International Competition  on Industrial Applications, RTD + Innovation pilots and Sustainable Fashion Design Awards. Date: 9-12 November 2016. Venue: Hammamet (Tunisia) More:  www.



Partnership Agreement has been signed in 11th fo September 2015 with NETINFO  School of Art and Technology Tunis-Nabeul to launch Digital Art and Technology courses in Malta from 1th of November 2015 and cooperate with DigiArt Living Lab as well. More: 


TR Associates hosting the 2nd Transnational Meeting under VET4Start-Up – ERASMUS + - KA2 Strategic Partnership VET Project  Place: Millenium Chapel/St Julians Date: 5-6 June 2015..

Joint workshop is organised among NETINFO & CREATEC under  FAN 2015 Festival Tunis ( UTICA building) and VET4StartUp project consortium in presence of Maltese startups. Date:5nd of June .14.00 (Tunis time), 15.00 (CET).


VET4Start-Up – ERASMUS + - KA2 Strategic Partnership VET Project Kick-off meeting Place: Potenza (Italy) Date: 14th December – 17th December 2014


LET`S NMP Tunisia 2014 International Workshop & First NMP Cluster Meeting.Date; February 2015 Sidi Thabet, BioTech Ecopark, Tunisia. Invitation for NMP researchers from Europe and MENA ! LET`S NMP Tunisia 2014 International Workshop & First NMP Cluster Meeting. Date; December 1st, Sidi Thabet, BioTech Ecopark, Tunisia. B2B for new NMP proposals under H2020. Please join us ! More:


H2020 has been launched on 13th of December 2013.TR-Associates plan to coach some H2020 trainings in Tunisia, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and St Lucia (Caribbean) during spring - automn of 2014. Dates (14 sessions) in Tunisia: June.2014- January.2015.


TR-Associates apply for EU fund under the new Erasmus+ - KA 2 - Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education/Training project by the deadline of 30th or April. 2014.


DINOS for Smart Cities is presented on Tuesday 20 December 2011 for the ePractice Seamless eGovernment event in Brussels! As part of our event activities, ePractice team carry out three interviews that are filmed and uploaded on ePractice TV and YouTube including DINOS. More:


Winner at  European Seal of e-Excellence 2011 - Gold medal

The 36 winners of the European Seal of e-Excellence 2011 were announced on 1st of March 2011 at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Innovative companies from 18 countries joined the award ceremony to receive the award from the hands of jury members. The prestigiousEurope-wide Award honouring ICT and digital media companies with an excellent track record in innovative marketing, Innovative products and services, and Excellent marketing practices to promote them. TR Associates is one of the 13 Gold winners with his "DINOS for smart cities" product.  More: and


First in Media category under the framework of ESNC - GNSS Living Lab price 2010

DINOS for smart cities is a system designed by two Maltese Scientists, Dr Alexiei Dingli and Mr Dylan Seychell.Together with Ms Tunde Kallai, they submitted the idea in the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC). The ESNC intends to further strengthen international collaboration among these regions, particular with regard to the development of applications and services made possible by Galileo, Europe's satellite navigation system. The research was presented on the next day at the Galileo Control Centre at the European Space Agency Park in the outskirts of Munich. More: on